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Divya David

Member of Anil Thomas Fellowship






out of 7

NLP Certifications

Internationally Certified NLP Practitioner

Internationally Certified

NLP Master

Gestalt Psychology Certifications

Gestalt Psychology Certified Associate

Gestalt Psychology Certified Master

Application of Psychology Certifications

Basic Intervention

Skills and Approaches

Eliciting Trauma:

Structure of Addiction

Shadow, Dreams

& Underworld

NLP: Psychology of Health

Psychotherapy & Somaticism

Integrated Diploma Programme Certification

Counselling Skills for Advanced Interventions & Client Facilitation

Experiential Certification Courses & Programs

Active Member of The Reading Group

Between the Raindrops: Mindfulness & Psychotherapy

Spakoina Retreat: Critical Alignment

Video Courses & Remote Certifications

NLP 101: Beyond Programming

Coaching Skills by Judith Deloizer

Goal Setting with

Productivity & Mindfulness

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