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Love is experiencing self in the presence of another...


Today want to talk to

you about




the ones you love. about you and then

about both of you..

Yes About Love,

Then the community we belong to

and then about humanity, of which we are a part..

I want talk to you about love,

Because that is the only way ‘I can exist’

‘I am because you are”

We are ..

And therefore ubuntu - in many ways

Growing up love was like those many cute Disney stories,

or like ‘Ek ladki ka dekha to aisa laga,

aise khilta gulaab, shaayar ka khwaab, ujli kiran, van mein hiran

Tuu hai meri kiran and so much more ..

It was so playful like the Salman - Madhuri in Maine Pyaar Kiya ..

Well that is love too ..

isnt it?

Coz when you are in love, the brain chemistry changes.


But most importantly love is to get connected to a space within you,

that is the space of love.

Once you are connected to that space - you can be in love ..

well, you are in love with regard to another.

This spacial connection from within brings in allowance,

It brings in acceptance,

It brings in growth and then the evolution of self and the relation by itself.

In this space ‘love happens, its sensual its more!

An Instagram message to me - read like this

I feel broken and I seek constant validation from my partner,

Anil, I feel so empty because my definitions and expectations of love is so different from my partner.


I get it ..

It is sometimes!

Life is real and shit goes down..

But then remember, do not loose that space ..

Yes that space within ..

It is the space of love

I do not want to deny that “life is horribly beautiful”

Well these are the very exact moments you step a bit back,

And if need be, back up a bit more


Uncouple for sometime

Get back to self

Find that space again

Only after you find that space, then you go to find the other..

You cannot be offering directions being blind and oblivious to the wilderness of the chaos.


Uncoupling need not be divorce

Need not be break up

And remember,

If it is a Break up, it need not be break down!

You must be fearless enough to give yourself the love

that you didn't receive

Uncoupling is healthy sometimes ..

And its important too..

Its a pause from where you can now decide ..

to move on

or to move in, again

Doesn't matter what you decide,

coz, its all good in the big matrix

Love is an internal feeling and its good to know if there are any insecure attachments,

and if something like that comes to your awareness,

Then I strongly recommend to come to the centre,

The very centre, what Fritz calls as the space of balance,

What Dick calls as the place of being,

What Judy calls as the dance, where the movement begins the music flows

So beware, of the anxious attachments or the dismissive attachments

Coz both will consume you,

It will drag you out of the space of dance

You wouldn't want any of those

Neither the Anxious attachments NOR the avoiding ones


So how do you now create secure attachments ..

To know when to fold and how much to hold,

Its about experiencing yourself in the other person’s presence,

and for the full experience of that, You must be willing to experience, 'what is really happening within', so dial within,find that out..!

Cos that is where you are going to get all the information from,

By paying attention to all the emotions,

Your emotions are the map,

It has all the direction you ever need!

And never is anything more important than that!


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